Lease Transfers in NYC

Lease transfers are a great way to get out of a leasing contract that is no longer meeting your needs. For example, if you started a lease with a great sports car, but since then you have had children, you may want to end that lease and get a sedan, SUV, or minivan. While you could just terminate your lease, it is better to try alternative options that don’t come with similar fines or penalties. A lease transfer will allow you to transfer the remaining time in your lease to another party, and they will become responsible for all further obligations.

Matching You Up

For many people, finding someone who would want to take over the remainder of their lease is a difficult challenge. Here at Car Sale NYC, however, we work with people who are leasing cars every day, and many of them would love to have a transfer option. We can match you up with someone who is looking for a vehicle just like yours, but doesn’t want to start a new lease from scratch. When done, you’ll get out of your lease contract and they will be able to drive something that they love until the contract is up.

Helping You Every Step

Our team can help you not only find someone who can complete the lease transfer with you, but also get the paperwork done, and anything else that is needed. We have been helping people with everything related to leasing a car in NYC for years, and would be honored to help you through this important process. Whether you want to transfer out of a lease so you can buy something new, or you just need to get out of it for other reasons, we should always be your first call. To learn more about lease transfers in NYC, or to get started finding someone to take over your lease, please give us a call at 646-658-3590 today.

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